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Our surveillance systems come complete with indoor and outdoor video security camera. Peace of Mind - We make sure each and every detail is covered.

Learn more about how DVCI Security Services can help you meet your security needs. Call us today at 855-255-3109! 24.7 voicemail. *Appointments are handled in the matter they come to use. If you need a rush estimate please let us know when you call.

Our company provides security cameras, security systems, surveillance systems for home, retail, business, financial & banking, transportation, healthcare, government and education facilities. Many years of training and experience of security system solutions and security system installation services for hundreds of satisfied home and business. References available upon request.

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  • Alarm and Security Systems Contractor
  • Security Access & Surveillance Materials
  • We Install it all!
  • We provide the support!
  • Government Surveillance Provider.
  • Home and Business Security Installer

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  • Alarm and Security Systems Contractor
  • Security Access & Surveillance Materials
  • We Install it all!
  • We provide the support!
  • We can update your age old security equipment!
  • We use security products that easy & available to review online & to use at your business or home
  • We provide the support by phone, text, or email!
  • We Are Government Surveillance Provider.

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DVCI Security Services has been established as an Alibi authorized re-seller partner and a reliable security company for Maryland, DE., PA., & New Jersey and the surrounding east coast area. We offer the latest video security technologies and surveillance solutions that help solve security challenges, and meet the needs of your application — and your budget. Additionally, our trained security technicians are experts at servicing virtually any size security application — from small, single-site installation, to large, multi-site, multi-location projects. We also offer a comprehensive set of security services ranging from site survey and needs assessment, to local installations, technical support, and post-installation maintenance — to support your project from start to finish.

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DVCI Security Services is a trusted provider of high quality video security equipment, access control technologies and innovative alarm systems. DVCI Security Services delivers the latest security technologies from Alibi, infinias, and LigoWave — and offers a broad range of security products, including analog cameras, network IP cameras, embedded DVRs, hybrid digital video recorders, network video recorders, security monitors, HD analog and IP-based electronic access control solutions.



DVCI Security Services conducts pre-installation consultation, installation services as well as post-installation inspections on the east coast. The company undertakes all security maintenance duties for your facility and offers comprehensive value-added services, including:
  • System Design and Engineering Support
  • Installation and Project Management
  • System Configuration and Remote Management
  • On-Site Service and Support

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DVCI Security Services supports single and multi-site installation with reliable, cost-effective security solutions, customized for the specific needs of the application.
As your trusted, single-source security provider on the east coast, we have a unique way of doing things. It’s how DVCI Security innovate, collaborate, operate and deliver our values — for you - our client.
Our security cameras meet a wide range of application needs-from home surveillance, to banking, retail, healthcare and small to large enterprise security. Need help choosing the security camera that is best-suited for your security application? Our security experts are here to help. Call DVCI Security Services at 855-255-3109 today!

More Services

Surveillance camera options

Choose from indoor or outdoor analog, IP or HD-SDI surveillance camera options equipped with the latest features and capabilities. These kind of cameras are engineered to handle the rigorous demands of continuous use and 24/7 surveillance for around-the-clock security.

Access Security Control System Installation

DVCI Security is a reputable, professional security services provider that provides trusted access control system installation.

Customized Security Solutions For Business or Residential Homes

We Offer Customized Security Solutions for YOUR Specific Needs. DCVI will work with you to understand the specific needs of YOUR application, and customize a security solution to deliver the desired results.